prepping for the new

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I’ve been staying on campus over the summer, and have noticed the pitter pattern of students as they come and go and come again.
It is time once more for new students to arrive and for old ones to return, and as they stroll past the Claw, many will get a glimpse at the new Old union, for the very first time.

Construction on new bike circles continues, noisy and marginally disruptive, as athletes move in and dorm staff get trained along the way.
safety firsts
fire second
Will you and your friends be ready for the new? Buildings new and reconstructed, compost policies striking at full, well [sic] blast:
don't containt da environsment


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  1. megan says:

    Yeah, as a staff that eats on campus a lot, that $.35 charge really upsets me. All the dining facilities (including ones that aren’t Stanford dining) on campus should adopt the compostable containers, etc. and just do it, and stop fussing around the issue with these changing policies.


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