$150 Fines Await You

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Last week was the first time I noticed this. Police officers were lurking around behind Terman. I saw their cop car there going from the Quad to Lag at lunchtime. When I left for my 1:15 class, they weren’t there…at least so I thought. The police were waiting to nab bikers who run the stop sign(s) on Santa Teresa.
The Stanford Daily
Supposedly, last week the police were out only to issue warnings, but this week they’re getting serious. Watch out, particularly at those busy 10am, 11am, 1:15pm times since I’m sure that’s when they will be out in force.
There is a Daily article about this in today’s issue, in which we are told that fines could be levied (up to $150 since bikers are subject to the same rules and punishments as drivers). The same is true for biking with earphones on (one bud is ok but two is not).
I’ve personally spotted police at two intersections (marked with red dots), and the Daily photographer has also seen them on Serra Street (see photo from article, above).
Where else might the police be waiting for us? Let me know in the comments section.


3 Responses to “$150 Fines Await You”

  1. Aaron Lehmann says:

    I’m glad the police are doing this. I’m sick of other bikers almost crashing into me because they don’t expect me to actually stop at stop signs. It would be awesome if cops would also stand in the middle of bike circles and ticket bikers who go through them the wrong way or completely ignore right-of-way rules.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Troy says:

    If the police just found the three most dangerous intersections on campus (probably Santa Teresa & Lomita, Campus & Esconidido, and Campus & Mayfield) and put signs up that said “BIKES MUST STOP AT INTERSECTION” it’d go a lot further toward public safety than just fining a couple of poor students $150 each.
    The reality is that most bikers are students, and most of them are not well educated at to the rules of the road as they apply to bikes. Still, focus on SAFETY rather than fines.


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