BoredatGreen now is BoredatStanford

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Do people remember I saw little fliers for it around Meyer Library and other places last year, especially around finals weeks. It featured very crass inane comments – the kind of stuff you see in bathroom stalls. I thought it was a the pet project of a entrepreneurial Stanford student. Well it’s back – now as with the tagline “anonymity liberates”.
Turns out, according to IvyGate, the site the brainchild of a guy named Johnathon Pappas ’06 from Columbia. He started BoredAtButler in 2005, presumably for a library at Columbia. It was a hit and over the past 2 years he’s expanded his project to a network of schools – BoredAt. The BoredAt network reminds of Facebook back when it was exclusive – the Ivies + UC’s + Stanford and a few others. The site wants to be “it’s a place to post your thoughts anonymously, share, and discuss anything and everything ”
But as Professor emeritus Philip Zimbardo and others have shown us, anonymity can also lead people to be more aggressive, and I might add, more obscene as well.
Still there is an kind of perverse pleasure gain from reading the threads on girls who accept random propositions for sex (“back row at FlicKs”), the best way to break up with someone (“I need some independence peeeeaaace”) or getting what you want (“academic success, not to be alone, and for the red sox to win”)
Check it out – BoredAtStanford. What do you think about it?


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  1. Densil says:

    Wow! I was amazed at the language that was being used on the site. I mean maybe at some level one may find it humorous…but when does it go too far? And the creator of this site…how is he making money on such a thing? Is our desire for connection to others so great that we elect to connect even in such basic forms? Wow!


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