Love your body and discuss relationships!

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Feel pressure to change that one body part to look more attractive? Maybe pressure to change your whole body to meet society’s standards? At times it’s hard to feel the love for your body with all the imagery of the ideal girl and boy floating through our society.
But tomorrow is the day to give your body the love it deserves! Shrug off those stereotypical, idealistic pressures and celebrate your unique, lovable body in White Plaza from noon to two!!
Speeches from student activists together with Donnovan Yisrael from Health Promotion Services and Dr. Laurel Zappert from the Stanford Eating Disorders Recovery Group on campus talking about issues related to body image and self-esteem at Stanford. Stay for performances from SImps and Spoken Word!
Some of us from the Women’s Center (WCC) will be out there with SHPRC, thinkBIG, QSA, Choice, PWHHR, Mirror, and LGBT-CRC to celebrate our bodies with you and give out info about our programs, stickers, candy, and goodies.
Ladies, in the evening, come talk about relationships with other Stanford women! Share your romantic experiences and gain new insight from fellow women about everything hookups to breakups. Come out to Paloma in FloMo at 6pm for a fun, friendly conversation – we’re looking forward to a great discussion about romantic life at Stanford!


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  1. Carlos says:

    Now you are touching a raw nerve here! You are right on about how the culture draws us into an objectification of ourselves and others, with an impossible ideal ever present in our mind’s eye. Wish I could be there to join the discussion!


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