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As a local alum, it’s great to make a visit back to campus every so often. When the Photowalking Stanford event came up, I couldn’t say no!
3:25pm: at work… gotta finish this deck! know it’s early but i can’t miss it.
3:40: zipping on El Camino Real (if there’s such a thing)
4:05: meet the Photowalking crew in Memorial Court, introduction to Burghers of Calais by Tom Seligman

4:30: a special treat, a trip up to the balcony in MemChu.. memories of tour guiding days return!

… and the details on the walls are always gorgeous..

5:00pm: Robert Scoble is fascinated by the semi-autonomous heli’s!

Finding audacity on the way to the Cantor Arts Center…

5:30pm: Patience Young, a curator at Cantor, elaborates on Rodin’s Gates of Hell. The Rodin Sculpture Garden is open at night.. perfect for Halloween… and might I add, Cool Cafe has the best cup of mexican hot chocolate. to love!

5:50pm: My favorite shot on this trip. Bamboo between the Larry Lokey Labs and the Mudd Chemistry Bldg. Too many florescent-lighted exams in Mudd. ew.

5:55pm: My former roommate and I used to jog through the Clark Center on some evenings. Our tour guide, Clif, said they inverted this building so that the windows are on the inside. It’s gorgeous, but I can’t help but be reminded of being in a giant toilet. And the professors are housed in glass offices and fed air via ducts (you can spot their offices from the outside). One of my grad student mentors told me that a few of her colleagues were tempted to put up a sign, “Do Not Feed the Professors.”

6:30pm: A picture with Scobleizer! He is teh awesome!

7:15pm: a cup of Moonbeams hot chocolate and walking towards Kresge (aww… Econ 1 days!) for the Nat’l Geographic All Roads Photo Event. sweeet!
For more photos, see my flickr, or search flickr with term, photowalkingstanford, for the entire gang’s.
Props to Ian Hsu for setting this up.


3 Responses to “Photowalking Stanford Photojournal”

  1. ianhsu says:

    Great photos! The ones you took inside Memchu are awesome. Thanks for coming out for the photowalk πŸ˜‰

  2. Stephanie says:

    Love these shots – wish I’d known about this and could’ve joined in! And I have to agree regarding the bamboo picture – macros are pretty wonderful. =)

  3. Viv Green says:

    The architecture at the university is simply amazing.


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