Stanford beats #2 USC 24 – 23

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MATT SAYLES / Associated Press

Stanford shocks No. 2 USC on late TD pass, four Booty interceptions (AP)
Stanford topples USC: What the upset means to Cal(college hotline)

An email from Dean Julie:

WE BEAT USC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless, breathless and
They’re flying back tonight, expected to arrive at midnight at
Arrillaga. Let’s bring the entire Red Zone out to applaud the
amazing Stanford Cardinal when they get home! Bring
everyone! Forward this to everyone! WHOSE HOUSE? OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dean Julie

A crazy, ridiculous game.
A crazy ridiculous night.


4 Responses to “Stanford beats #2 USC 24 – 23”

  1. MM says:

    Holy crap. We won!!

  2. larkin pride says:


  3. Jason says:

    I was actually amazed to see all these people out on the streets, screaming and whooping about the game. Turns out Stanford has been wanting to be like every other football-obssesed school, but couldn’t, until now. =P
    Did anyone go to the Maples Pavilion thing? I heard there was a bonfire!

  4. Sarah says:

    There was a bonfire in the Quad, not at Maples. And the Maples things was pretty cool – Harbaugh came out and gave a little mini-speech, there was music and cheering and fireworks, and general happiness!


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