dying-in for the SCAI

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As I walked back to the row from German class, I saw some dozen students staging a “die-in” for the SCAI, where each student in the protest “represent[ed] one of 4,267 Palestians killed by the Israeli armed forces since September 2000”.
dying-in for the SCAI
The SCAI petition encourages the Stanford Board of Trustees to “divest from corporations profiting from human rights abuses and violations of international law”.
But what does the Board of Trustees invest in, anyway? And who, what ombudsman or NGO, researches and makes known some corporate “scorecard”?
Recently, the NYTimes reported on recent efforts here at Stanford by law students to hand out “diversity report cards” to their potential employers.
Elsewhere, a columnist suggested that this generation might be known as “Generation Q”, for “quietly pursuing their idealism, at home and abroad”. What say you Stanford, to be Gen Q or not Q?


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  1. Professor Snape says:

    Oh yes, SCAI, those defenders of justice along with their co-conspirators CJME. Their demonization of the Israeli state while ignoring the crimes and endemic corruption of the Palestinian government will in the end prove unconvincing to the student population, and especially, the Board of Trustees.


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