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This quarter i am taking another one of BJ Fogg’s classes. Its the much talked about Facebook class. Just for the purpose of being thorough – the official name of the class is – Create Engaging Web Applications Using Metrics and Learning on Facebook (CS377W). I love this course! I am just having a lot of fun in it. Now if you have taken any CS course (live databases, algos, programming, OS), you might know they are incredibly time consuming and require a lot of hours during the quarter. This course is similar in those terms – asks for a more than reasonable time commitment (though really depends on your motivation) – but its different than all the rest of the cs courses in a very important way – USERS! There is an incredible amount of emphasis which is put in understanding the user needs and their psychology in using apps – especially on facebook. Its surprising that all of computer science equips you with technical know-how of making a good software – writing good code – but somehow the users are pushed to the back seat. The usual considerations of performance, size, error checking, etc are common to almost all software designs – but for most of the courses that i have taken at stanford – the user hasnt really been a big part of the thinking process in designing the solution.

This course is really helping me put things into perspective from the users point of view – and i frequently quiz myself on – What do users want? What will make things easy for them? How do you measure this – quantify this? This is very important in attempting to make a good software – as important as putting in error checking I would say. BJ, Dave, Dan and Yee along with Greg and Rob (a massive 6 member faculty/CA team) do a great job in making students understand what goes on behind successful facebook apps – how to measure success – and once successful, what to do with that! The guest lectures from industry experts on issues most relevant to the class are also very insightful and thought-provoking. All in all – this is exactly why i came to stanford – to study cutting edge technologies. Someone from UK said on a class forum a few days back – that such a thing would never happen in the UK – it would take 6 months to get approval from committees and another 6 months to ratify the syllabus – and by that time the technology would have already been out-dated – ditto for India – but Stanford CS is not No. 1 for being good at hackey sack (which i am sure we are great at too!).
Working with team mates from the Business School (Brett Keintz) and Andrew Gadson (CS senior) is a great learning experience – since i see now the other aspect of making software to which i was never exposed to. In case you are wondering what my team has been up to till now – feel free to check out our app – Dodgeball. The next app due in class is going to be an educational app! Exciting times in the silicon valley! And before i end – here’s an interesting piece of trivia – there are only 2 industries in the world which refer to their customers as users – Software and Narcotics.


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  1. Jano says:

    This is all very interesting. I do UI work for web apps, and just got out of a meeting about similar topics. I was an anthro major but took CS106 my final spring quarter. I had to have some marketable skill, after all πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, that was ’99, and I’ve been using the blend of skills to become: much more adept at programming, and; still bring consideration of human practice to the table.
    Blah blah blah… wish I could be in that class.

  2. jeffrey says:

    I love the Standford has a class on Facebook, good stuff. At ChoiceA we’re considering creating an F8 app for real estate and I came across this blog in searching a topic, good stuff. Great for Stanford to be out in front of things like this.


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