All-Nighters and Final Exam Strategies

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I hope most of you have finished your final exams and papers. I personally like papers better because you can stay up all night and finish it. You need to actually sleep before exams (something I haven’t been doing a good job doing…). Anyway, I ran into a great picture I wanted to share. (click to enlarge)

And if you are still taking finals, there are some great resources out there. The best is probably that when taking a True or False test – "The Answer is NOT always C


4 Responses to “All-Nighters and Final Exam Strategies”

  1. megan says:

    this is really cute. found this while pulling an all nighter for a biochem exam. in fact, the exam is in three hours….

  2. Scott says:

    right there with ya megan! I got an algorithms final exam in about 3 hours as well, can’t wait to sleep afterwards

  3. Louis says:

    its 3:40am right now..

  4. sean says:

    yep. operations midterm in 3.5 hours. i had a 43 hour day last week too, after an all-nighter i had too many redbulls to make it through the day and couldn’t go to sleep until 3ish haha.


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