Drama 110: The Course all Arts-Interested Students Should Take

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IDA_Drama110_2008.jpg Drama 110 is offered every winter quarter through IDA, the Institute for Diversity in the Arts. The course number is deceptive, as Drama 110 consists of usually 3 separate hands-on courses with visiting professional artists, tied together through a weekly lecture and end-of-quarter performance or presentation involving all three sections. IDA’s Drama 110 course is perhaps the best kept secret of Stanford’s arts programs and departments. It is an intensive course, with high units, and loads of time-commitment, but it’s all worth it, as most of that time is spent in direct contact with the visiting artists.
This year, IDA brings to campus Lourdes Portillo (Academy Award Winner – Best Documentary, 1985), Patricia Powell (author of three novels), and John Carlos Perea (American Indian Powwow Music). Students will get to work closely with these visiting artists, working on creating projects and exploring topics of identity, diversity and aesthetics.

Lourdes Portillo will lead a video installation project, “Making the Invisible, Visible” – a large scale video installation unveiling people and places in our community that often go unseen and exploring new perspectives of them.
Patricia Powell will lead a writing workshop looking at lineage or where one is from through the workshopping of three original stories. Through the critique of students stories, readings and discussion, Powell will lead students in an individualized exploration of who one is.
John Carlos Perea will teach 5-10 Northern and Southern Plains pow-wow songs and analyze their corresponding dance styles. The course will also explore the transculturation of Traditional American Indian Music into modern popular forms. Utilizing methods of lecture demonstration, listening, performance, Perea is looking forward to working with students to develop something creative that meets the needs of the students and brings American Indian music to Stanford in a new way.
Enrollment in Drama 110 opens early and requires application. Please contact Gina Hernandez-Clarke with questions and for more information. (ghclarke [at] stanford [dot] edu)


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  1. megan says:

    This is a course offered through the Drama Department at Stanford, and thus is open to Stanford students. Application is required for the course.


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