Work Doesn’t Stop for a Stanford Student During Winter Break

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(The most fun I will have all week…besides Christmas morning)
I don’t know about other people, but winter break has not been super relaxing. Some of my friends at home will talk about how they have over a month off at home, and they’ve been playing a ton of poker or watching seasons of TV shows and sleeping in. Somehow I find that there’s always a lot of work to be done over my winter breaks. I don’t mind too much, but it is a little rough sometimes…
* Right after finals were over, I still had to type up a 10+ pg chapter for my honors thesis in the ethics of transplant organ allocation – which translated into a few rather late nights.
* As part of the men’s gymnastics team, we stay on campus for a few extra days where we really ramp up the training intensity, including two-a-day sessions.
* Since I’ve been home, I’ve been helping my parents shop for teens and tweens, showing them how to use Picasa to organize their photos (again), and burning DVDs of youtube videos.
* I had a 2 hour Skype meeting for Gumball Capital, and we ironed out the tasks that needed to be done before break was over – for me that meant writing a newsletter about our progress in the past few months, and detailing the responsibilities of each department, in preparation for a new round of recruiting.
* Finally, I’ve been trying to get people to vote for my ChangeThis manifesto proposal – entitled “Success-Driven Philosophy: Achieving Clarity of Purpose” cowritten with a former teammate of mine. Both of us have studied philosophy at Stanford and we want to help people use philosophical examination to achieve success in personal and professional goals. Vote for it here!
What about you? How do you cope with the Winter Break? Do you just drop everything and relax? Or is it a chance to buckle down and get some work done?



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