Facebook, What kind of person do you think I am?

Posted by at 3:52PM

In November, Facebook rolled out its new tightly targeted advertising platform, to much fanfare, fanfare and fanfare.
Yay, many said, now advertisers can target exactly whom they want to reach and Facebook will leverage all the data points they have on users like me to decide which ads I see.
Which leads me to believe that they have something of an opinion on me. You know, if they serve up ads on my homepage about saving kittens from trees then they recognize how I’m a kind-hearted individual, etc.
But that’s not what they think of me, clearly.

For the record, I’m not one of these people whose Facebook interests include “boozing it up,” so it’s not as simple as pulling keywords from my profile page. And I haven’t added the BeerMe, Booze Mail or How Much Can You Drink? applications. So they’re not using my App adoption data. Is it just demographics: male and in college = in need of DUI help? Um, I’m not even 21.
Is it just me or are other people noticing some weird ads on their Facebook pages? I’m not talking about outside Application canvas pages or anything (where the Developers would decide what you see). I’m talking about your homepage, profile page, friends or networks page, etc. I had other ads pitch things like trading foreign currency, “Top Paid Internships,” among others.



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