Midterms are here…

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There is something sinister in the air. The evidence is everywhere: social outtings are canceled or postponed, student group meetings have half their normal turnout, the libraries are always full. Ah yes, the four weeks of rolling midterms have arrived. And with them comes thousands of stressed out Stanford students.
The problem with midterms at Stanford is that each class often has two, making it hardly “midterm”. Add to that the 10 week quarter, and students get basically 2-3 weeks of free time before all hell breaks loose.
And we’ve all heard the horror stories: 3 midterms in 36 hours. A paper, a pset and an exam all on the same day. I personally have 2 quantitative midterms both on Tuesday of next week. 4 hours of equations doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time.
How does your midterm schedule look? What’s the worst story you’ve heard?


One Response to “Midterms are here…”

  1. nmh says:

    I have a class with 3 midterms!


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