Two Great Resources for Jobs and Internships: BASES Start-up Job Fair, and One Day, One Job .com

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Seniors: still haven’t got a job set up for next year? Interested in trying something different? Juniors and Underclassmen: Are you planning to just serve coffee, fold t-shirts, or bag groceries this summer?
No matter where you are in your career path, you need to check out two great resources for snagging that job or internship you want: the Entrepreneur Career Expo and One Day, One Job .com
Entrepreneur Career Expo
BASES and the CDC do a lot of different things to help students succeed in their careers, and this job fair is one of them. This one brings nearly 100 start-ups to Stanford to look for bright, enthusiastic Stanford students to work on their cutting-edge, curve-jumping, paradigm-shifting, web 3.0 companies.
I imagine most employers will be looking for coders and engineers but fuzzies, don’t lose hope! History and English majors often make great marketing interns. I believe our own Editor-in-Chief Christian (History major) is interning at SharpCast.
So get out there and strut your stuff. It’s Thursday Feb 28th, 1-4pm on the 2nd floor of Tressider. And don’t forget to prepare.
One Day, One Job
This is a really cool blog (and a clever name) started by a Cornell grad that discusses entry-level positions at a different company each day. They’ve covered some pretty cool companies like Netflix, Bear Naked Granola, and Nintendo. It’s a great resource for people who people who don’t know where to start looking for a job and don’t want to do the same old thing.
They also publish articles on job searching, on topics like How to Use Google to Find a Job. For internships, they’ve started a similar site called One Job, One Internship. Same idea, but for internships. So definitely check out this cool site. Subscribe to the RSS and get the thrill of a new job opportunity each day!


2 Responses to “Two Great Resources for Jobs and Internships: BASES Start-up Job Fair, and One Day, One Job .com”

  1. Eric Bryant says:

    As a business owner, I think that entrepreneurship should be encouraged more at the University level. It is a viable option for many future college grads who have the innovativeness and ingenuity to really put their education to practical use. I studied philosophy and religion in college; and, believe it or not, I use s good portion of what I learned in the business world.
    Eric Bryant, CEO
    Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications

  2. Giovanni Tutti says:

    @ hypotheek
    Among NYC hotels, ours actually provides a supportive work environment for entrepreneurs. In fact, this week we have a very large Engineering and Entrepreneurship conference we’re hosting, called IEEE.
    You’re right: learning about business shouldn’t only take place in Business Colleges.


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