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I have two computers. One is a Vaio and the other is an older Dell. The Vaio is bigger, has a larger screen and is the computer I generally consider more of a workhorse. As such, it is the one I leave parked on my desk in Granada, taking it perhaps on a run to Late Nite or when working in the lounge. The Dell, an Inspiron 600m, is a tad thinner, lighter and more mobile. It’s no Tablet PC or MacBook Air (though I’m thankful it’s not the latter) but I use the Dell when I’m around campus in class or– as I am right now– in Old Union.
I bring this up because the only problem with my setup is that I do not always have all my files with me. Sure, I often use Google Docs or Zoho, two free online office suites, but when I forget to upload a particular file there, I’m out of luck. And I do have a flash drive, but it’s simply not convenient to have different versions of my History 150B essay on my flash drive and then a slightly older version on my hard drive of a computer I was working on. You can see how this gets annoying and at some point, also counterproductive for my work.
I have found a solution. I started working as an intern at a four-year-old Palo Alto startup called Sharpcast and their product (currently in closed beta) is the best product out there to help me. I spoke with the powers that be at Sharpcast and so today I have a treat for you all.
It is my pleasure to offer you, dear reader, an exclusive preview beta of Sharpcast’s newest product, SugarSync, which is set to debut in March. I will walk you through the features of SugarSync and if you’re interested, at the end you can score a free beta at the end of this post.

First, let me explain what SugarSync is and how it works. SugarSync is cross-platform piece of software used to sync media files, documents and photos among multiple computers. Upon installation, SugarSync uploads to its servers all the files in the folders you select (up to 11GB for free during the beta). At this point it is much like many other data backup companies like Mozy or Carbonite.
But SugarSync goes a step further. It gives me a personal website where I can access any of these files, at any time. And then as I make changes to my files, SugarSync recognizes those changes and updates its version of the files automatically. Or if I add a new file to a folder, it appears in real time in my SugarSync folders online. (There is no need for scheduling times to upload new files). This all means that as I create a new Word document, as I crop a photo and as I delete a song from my computer SugarSync is constantly monitoring and changing what it has, too.
Now for the coup de grâce. When I install the software on my second computer, I can select for it to do the same thing and sync all of my files on that computer as well. So, say for example I start writing a paper at home. I get a page done but then have to hurry off to class. I save the document and it is on my hard drive as well as, magically it seems, on my SugarSync website. I go off with my other computer and sit in class. I get bored so I decide to keep working on my essay. I write a page more, class ends and I head home. I go back to my original computer and look on my hard drive and the file has updated itself; I have two pages written. See, SugarSync doesn’t just save files on its own servers…it also goes back and makes any changes to the files where they reside on your hard disks.
Does SugarSync sound like something you might like? Follow this link to hit the beta, with a free upgrade to 11GB during the test period. This invite is capped so get on board now! SugarSync works on Windows as well as your Mac. The software has also been optimized for your Windows Mobile and Blackberry phones.


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