iPhone Developer’s Kit Released to Third Parties

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Last week, on March 6, Apple released the developer’s kit for the iPhone. With this kit, Apple has handed the keys of the iPhone to developers, opening up the device to third party applications.
This is a huge step in the evolution of the iPhone. Already hugely successful, the iPhone boasts sales numbers of 4 million units, second only to RIM, the maker of the Blackberry. With the release of the developer kit, the iPhone will be able to have expandability previously unseen. Up until now, all iPhone applications were web-based, or they were small fringe applications hacked together by a small community. Apple’s newly released developer’s kit allows programmers to tap into the iPhone and use its resources to their full potential.
With the addition of third party applications, the iPhone looks much more attractive. Many people held off on the iPhone because of its previous lack of third party applications, and understandably so. Often times, it is the third party applications that make a device useful or desirable, and without it, we would be stuck with what Apple wanted to give us. New possibilities are available now. AOL plans its instant messaging client for the iPhone. A PDA medical software company promises to create a application that allows doctors to identify pills with the iPhone. Also, several games have been ported, in just two weeks. SEGA’s “SuperMonkeyBall” and EA’s “Spore” have been ported in just two weeks. Both of these games use the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer for the controls.
Many iPhone owners, myself included, have been waiting the the release of the iPhone for the support of third party applications. The software update that supports third party applications will be released in late June and will also be available for the iPod Touch for a fee. The following months should be very exciting for iPhone owners…


3 Responses to “iPhone Developer’s Kit Released to Third Parties”

  1. Darlehen says:

    It’s been a while now, but I couldn’t find any hot apps yet made by 3rd parties.
    The Iphone finally started to launch here in Europe, can’t wait to put some of our on-line tools in my Iphone :)

  2. Darlehen says:

    The right link, for those German speakers who are interested in the whitepaper & tools :)

  3. Anna Harris says:

    As third party applications are made available to iPhone now, the apps look much more prettier than before.


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