A new song for the new summer

Posted by at 8:19AM

I’ve blogged about my friend and Stanford alum (’06) Jack Conte on here before, but I couldn’t help but put this one up, too. It’s a collaboration with Nataly Dawn (aka Natalie Knutsen ’09) called “Pas Encore” and released under the collaboration name Pomplamoose.
As if the awesome group name wasn’t enough, the song is better. If I were cool enough to say the word bumpin’, I would say this song is effortlessly bumpin’. I downloaded the mp3 from Jack’s mySpace and have been playing it on my iPod all morning. It’s my “new, awesome, hot” song for the summer. And, much like Jack’s other YouTube videos, this one was first released in VideoSong format, so there’s some fun stuff to watch. A particular delight for you CCRMA folks, I would think.



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