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The CoHo reopened Monday morning, to some Stanford Facebook fanfare, after almost a year of absence. Was it worth the wait?
coho oh ho
A friend of mine and I stopped by for lunch to give the “new” old CoHo a try. She ordered a Portobello mushroom sandwich, which came in a clear plastic container and looked encased in two thin slices of Corporate Bread. My friend, a vegetarian for many years said the sandwich had “way too much cheese”.
I ordered a Pear and Goat Cheese salad for 7.04 USD with tax, and some minutes later received a small bowl of baby spinach, tiny pear slices, soft bits of goat cheese, and a mild but seemingly omnipresent glaze of oil-based dressing.

CoHo 7.04 USD

We noted the aged wood tables still present, the odd Stanford alum? caricatures on the wall, and a large wall-sized poster of a Spanish matador. It was a quiet, Stanford summer scene, but after that small salad, my stomach asked for more.
I inquired about the provenance of the 1.75 USD Croissants on display, not the ones Satura-made, but the ones the cheery cashier claimed were made in-house by Guillermo, a trained pastry chef, she said. I asked about the flour — organic and/or refined? She didn’t know, just saw all-purpose flour, and Sysco Wholesome Farms butter.
As an artisan baker myself, spoiled by the organic Giusto’s flour and (American Humane association Certified) Clover Stornetta organic butter I use when preparing my own Viennoiserie from scratch, I gave the 1.75 USD CoHo-made croissant a try and was somewhat disappointed. Although the execution was good and the visual aesthetics pleasing, the quality of the ingredients, or shall I say the lack thereof, clearly shone through. I put the croissant back in the bag after two bites and left the new old CoHo.
First impressions?
Overall food rating: B+
Ambiance: A-
Sustainability: B (no mention of organic ingredients, dairy sourced from large corporate farms (SYSCO), non-compostable utensils and plastic-heavy food containment)
For a campus that prides itself on being at the vanguard of sustainable food and dining for a college campus, I for one hope we can and will do better.


4 Responses to “CoHo reopens”

  1. Jeff says:

    Was the food at the old CoHo better tasting/more plentiful/more organic/more sustainable? I hadn’t arrived at the Farm, so I have no basis for comparison.

  2. Troy says:

    Doesn’t the fact that they are serving on real plates and silverware does more in terms of sustainability than what To-Go containers they use? I would ask for re-grade on the sustainability.
    Great review, though. Staff is great. Space is great. Food still needs some work.

  3. n says:

    This place is so pretentious. We don’t need another place that’s so highbrow. We need a late-night-indoor-moonbeans-style-cafe. Which is kinda what this place used to be.
    And the jazz nights are obnoxious and just highlight the obvious effort they are making to be “cafe-bistro-esque”

  4. lwu says:

    @Troy, good point, the CoHo does feature real plates and silverware.
    I’m going to write a new blog entry that tries to review more establishments, focusing more on the gestalt notion of “Sustainable Deliciousness”.


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