Knitting – A Diversion from the Dissertation

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In between writing this summer I’ve been knitting. In particular, I’ve been knitting scarves. It’s an activity which lets me be creative, yet gives me an “output” rather fast.
I’m rather pleased with myself because after a bit of screwing around I’ve figured out how to embed beads in my scarf and using a variation on the “cheater’s lace” pattern, I’ve created what I’m calling my “sea scarf.” I chose the colors and beads to evoke the nets fishermen use.

I just need to finish the scarf by weaving the yarn tails back into the scarf before snipping them, and am still deciding what I’m going to do with the scarf (I give away the majority of the scarves I make to friends and family).


While it doesn’t look that big, the scarf is 5 1/2 feet long. I like to make my scarves that way so that you can wind them around your throat and still have play.

Embedded in the scarf are wooden beads and various sea shells I found at a local thrift shop. The beads were part of a child’s necklace that I took apart. I was delighted to find wooden beads, as they are becoming less and less a part of children’s trinkets and jewelry – plastic is cheaper to produce. Wooden beads, however, remind me of my grandmother’s toy chest which she kept on hand for us and was filled with objects like wooden beads and tiny tea sets.
The shell necklaces looked like the trinkets that you pick up while vacationing in a tropical location, wear while there, and then discard into some drawer until you have to move. At which point you throw them into the box for the thrift store.
All in all, I spent about $4 on these items in order to get some pretty nifty beads.


I’m now applying my new found ability to embed beads in a scarf by knitting a “web” scarf out of cotton yarn reclaimed from an old j crew sweater that I had. I’m hoping that the yarn’s dark green color will by offset by the “sparkle” of the clear beads I’m attaching to the scarf.



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  1. John says:

    Very pretty!


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