I’ve always disliked Apple, but this is getting ri-god-damn-diculous

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I’ve always disliked Apple for very specific reasons: its insistence on closed and propriety systems and its general hipsterish I’m-so-much-cooler-than-you-simply-because-of-my-computer’s-branding attitude being among the top reasons.
But, I could never deny, nor would I ever try, that they have not pushed the envelope as far as technology goes. The company has found a way to consistently be at the forefront of innovation (that something may be known as Steve Jobs). But in that way, I respect Apple. They make gorgeous products (even if they’re prettifying and borrowing heavily from BSD) and they get people to buy them.
But these ads cross the line.

An interesting post came across my screen this morning via Techmeme: Harry McCracken’s opinion on the latest Apple TV advertisements. He adeptly points out that these are Apple ads about Microsoft ads about Apple ads about Microsoft. (It makes sense when you parse it all out, I promise– “I’m a PC,” then “I’m a PC and I’ve been made into a stereotype,” now this).
He’s right: the whole thing has devolved into this ridiculous back-and-forth and while I understand Microsoft’s need to defend itself, this is a whole new level.
McCracken goes on to point out that a very select number of people will actually understand the jokes, since they are, as he puts it, inside baseball: “The first one appears to assume that you care about Microsoft advertising budgets, and the second one doesn’t make much sense at all unless you’ve noticed the downplaying of Vista in recent Microsoft ads.” So true. And more to the point: why does the average joe (or Joe the Plumber) care about hating on Microsoft’s latest advertising campaign? Doesn’t he just want to buy a computer, not hear some snarky comment from Apple about advertising…through a piece of advertising?
The thing that gets me about these comments is not just that they’re “inside baseball,” which they are. It’s that these ads don’t even come close to touting a Mac’s benefits, they don’t try to define who a Mac user is any better, and all they do make fun of Microsoft…not for its software, not for its own history of innovation, but for the company’s decision of where to spend its own money.
It’s like negative campaigning in politics, except only one of the candidates is doing it.
McCracken says he wishes both companies would put out some ads which make consumers happier and more productive. I’d agree, except I don’t see Microsoft as having done anything wrong. They defended themselves. So really, this is not a case of two (political) advertising campaigns which have both gone negative. This is Apple, playing the aggressor, taking cheap hits at its competitor.


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  1. Apple Dude says:

    The bottom line is that these Apple ads have worked for them – otherwise they wouldn’t have been sticking. Apple has a whole slew of advertising across its product line. This is just one type that consumers have responded to rather well.
    On the other hand, Microsoft’s ads haven’t done much of anything and Apple is right in pointing that out. It’s fair game to target the other player when they are the incumbent – Obama has been doing that his whole campaign and I haven’t heard anyone calling him out on it.
    Hate on Apple all you want. At the end of the day, they sell a superior product, technologically and aesthetically. Its adoption rate is through the roof – average consumers and nerds are migrating to macs like never before.
    I think they have something to be smug about.

  2. Microsoft Vista says:

    Aww poor little Microsoft getting bullied around by giant Apple…..
    Even Microsoft thinks XP is better than Vista:

  3. darius says:

    No hyphen in “goddamn.” “Ri-goddamned-diculous.”
    Also, who cares about negative advertising? Come on.

  4. Unbiased dude (sort of =) ) says:

    Your rant about apple was charming to say the least. But what do you have to say about the latest ad to come from Redmond?
    “these ads don’t even come close to touting a Mac’s benefits” – check!
    “they don’t try to define who a Mac user is any better” – check!
    “and all they do make fun of Microsoft…not for its software, not for its own history of innovation, but for the company’s decision of” how to implement the ‘busy’ mouse cursor – check!
    Anything else you care to rant about?

  5. Irina I says:

    I agree. I have come to expect more of Apple. Extremely annoying ad and stooping to very low standards.
    @John, I think you are right. The reason Apple will never be the market leader in computers is because Windows dominates the business world and the Apple OS is just not equipped for business functions. Plus, the costs of switching from a PC to a Mac is too high for most of these companies.

  6. Pamela R says:

    I don’t like Apple MACS, purely because I haven’t got a clue how to use them.
    I am so anti Microsoft, not because of their immense commercial power, but due to their insane operating systems which never seem stable. Microsoft, with all the resources you have, why can’t you code bug free software. I’m stick to death of my PC going dead slow because of update after update. I would prefer to withdraw my savings and spend a weekend with a foxy Paris escort.
    I have now converted to Linux. It’s free, pretty easy to use and there are loads of open source scripts to play around with. Yes, it can be a hassle trying to work with unsupported software, but there are so many helpful people in the Open Source community willing to help.
    Long live Linux!

  7. Voetbal kijken says:

    Apple (just as Google by the way) are developing the same nasty habits as their big “brother” Micro$oft.
    Developing something that works really well, so well that a dominant competitive position is within reach.
    After that, they try to push you somewhere. That is: to use their products exactly in a way that they like it.

  8. Wexford says:

    Well I have a Macbook White, and still haven’t finished for it yet. Its dropping to bits, the front case is splitting and I contacted Apple about it. Turns out they won’t acknowedge the fault even though I found a flickr channel devoted to the exact same fault. They suck and I’m going over to Windows 7 for my next OS. Leopard is over hyped anyway, and freqently hangs.


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