No on Prop 8 Rally

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Two-hundred and sixty five Stanford students gathered today at the Women’s Community Center on campus for a “MEGAPHONEBANK MARATHON to Defeat Prop 8”, according to a representative from the Stanford Student Coalition for Marriage Equality (SCME). This makes the effort the single largest phone bank organized this year in California to Oppose CA Proposition 8.
No on 8
Proposition 8, which would amend the state constitution to eliminate the right for same-sex couples to marry, has been a key focus for activism, campaigning, and education this political season. Stanford’s White Plaza has been a host to a number of Student rallies, from an early October rally featuring Candace Gingrich to rallies which brought in speakers and celebrities from all over California.
In related news, a Stanford Computer Science student launched an iPhone-based (mobile) Guide to California Propositions [in Plain English].
This iPhone-based guide is intended to help voters quickly read about California Propositions as they face long lines to vote come Election Day, and can be found at Users can quickly browse the California propositions, read short summaries of each proposition, and follow web links to find out more information about each ballot measure.
CA Proposition iPhone guide
For more information on California Propositions, please see the California 2008 ballot measures on, and rock the vote!



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