Nightlife in SF – Aziz Ansari and Patton Oswald

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I bought two tickets to see Aziz Ansari (of Human Giant) when he comes to the Punchline in SF this month. Woo-hoo!! He’s pretty funny. Look for a review of his show at the end of this month.

In Sept. we got to see Patton Oswald at Cobbs, it was great. Patton had a whole bunch of new material, and then he riffed on the audience. He was pretty quick on his feet.
We parked at the BART parking lot and took the train in to SF and a taxi to the club because we couldn’t figure out where the bus stop was. As far as the venue for comedy goes, you do have to arrive at Cobbs at least a half hour before the show (we were a half-hour early and the room was pretty full). Ticket were around $25, plus a handling fee, and there was a two drink minimum (which seems to be a standard). We hadn’t had dinner so we ordered a hor d’oeuvre at Cobbs. A word to the wise – this place does comedy well, but not the food. The hummus plate I ordered was pretty bare, and pretty bland.

Like I said, the main headliner was great.
The guy who went before Patton kinda bombed, at least with the 8pm crowd (he’s some guy who does an impression of car lot balloons). He was more of a generic comedian guy while everyone who had come to see Patton at the 8pm showing were more into nerd humor (they loved Patton’s bit about the iPhone).
I thought that maybe the guy who does the balloon impression needed some “know your audience” pointers: (a) It was 8pm, (b) a lot of 30 somethings, (c) in SF, who were (d) going to see Patton Oswald. This equals nerdish individuals, probably well educated, who are not drunk and are expecting a particular sort of nerd/highly sarcastic (especially about pop culture) humor (I bet the 10pm showing was a younger audience who were probably slightly inebriated). The local guy who was the MC knew this and killed with a lot of self deprecating humor. When this opener guy figured out he wasn’t doing so well, he started flailing and trying to riff on stuff, “hey, Redwood City, what kind of lame name is that…” stuff. Poor guy, at the end he was just like “f— it” and did his famous bit flailing around like the creepy human car lot balloons I used to see all over the place when I was younger, and the audience politely clapped.
I was pretty impressed by Patton Oswald’s ability to riff on the audience without really insulting anyone. He found two female wedding parties in the audience who were doing this event as their night out before the wedding, and did a fun comparison of the more rowdier party (calling them drunken pixies) to the other group. He even got them to pony up their wedding plans and his drawing of the comparisons of the two bride-to-bes plans had the audience in stitches.
Aziz seems to definitely be more in the nerd humor category. I saw some online clips of him and some of the Human Giant guys doing dramatic readings of their hate mail (with commentary) and a clip of his bit where he wanted the first Google link to pop up for him was that “Aziz Ansari is a bad ass!”
Hubby loves Human Giant. I like a lot of their skits (especially the ones that riffed on Superman II or going back in time for the sole purpose of getting some Pepsi clear) but some are a miss for me (the baby talent agency ones). We both liked when they took over MTV.
Anyways, I hope that I manage to not lose the tickets before the show.


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  1. Persipidus says:

    I missed the show and just got back into town after some travels. Any Chance the review is around? Where can I find it?


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