Did Jimmy Fallon Bite Sarah Haskins?

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Remember the Sarah Haskin’s show “Target Women,” which I posted about around Christmas time?
Sarah has been a subversive feminist comedic take on ads targeted at women (for a while) and is very funny, and, at least in the blogosphere, has a following.
So, why does Jimmy Fallon’s “Target Demographic” routine seem to be an imitation of Sarah’s “Target Women” current_tv show?
The presentation, the name, the subject (women) – everything seems so eerily familiar?
Are the writers for the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show seem to be so out of ideas the first week in that they have to imitate Sarah Haskins (and imitate her badly)?
Here’s Jimmy’s “oh so original” late night comedy segment:

and here’s Sarah’s take on skin care ads:


One Response to “Did Jimmy Fallon Bite Sarah Haskins?”

  1. Tyrone says:

    Goddamn, I knew Jimmy Fallon was an unfunny douche, but jeez.
    I hope Sarah gets a cheque out of this. At least her segment is actually funny, not just weird and crappy.


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