Iowa Honors Student Required to Prove Ability to Read and Write English

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Here’s the question – if you have a 3.9 GPA and are a member of the National Honor Society, should you be required to take a test to prove your proficiency in English.
If your parents are Laotian immigrants, apparently you do.
Meet Lori Phanachone. Because of her racial, immigrant, and ethnic origins, Storm Lake High School (in Iowa) has determined that she needs to prove her ability to speak English despite the fact that she is an honors student.
Why? Because she indicated that at home, she and her parents do not speak English.
Lori Phanachone is protesting this action. She finds the requirement that she do so is motivated by prejudice on behalf of the school system.
All her accomplishments do not matter to Iowa school officials, only her ethnicity and immigrant status.
Because of her refusal to conform, they are threatening her very future (threatening the scholarships she has been offered by colleges).
Just another example of racism and prejudice rearing its ugly head in America .


One Response to “Iowa Honors Student Required to Prove Ability to Read and Write English”

  1. David Salo says:

    I’m Spanish, and In Spain Everybody in Spain is asking me for my english proficiency. The problem is that many of this people does not speak english at all.


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