ASSU elections 2009

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Are you voting today in the Stanford ASSU elections?

Whether you are a graduate student at Stanford (or undergraduate), click here to vote in the ASSU 2009 elections at

As a graduate student, you will vote for the ASSU Exec, Graduate Student Council (GSC) representatives, and vote up or down Join Special Fees for programs such as Club Sports on campus.

According to the ASSU web page, “The [ASSU} executive president and vice president’s job is to represent the student body in meaningful ways to university administration, through policy creation and enforcement, and through advocacy for student issues. BOTH graduate students and undergraduate students can be part of the executive slate and their committee, since the executives are expected to represent both student populations.”

With budget cuts taking hold across campus, Vaden announcing mandatory health fees every quarter, and a mental health support system that a Stanford task force has found to be in need of strengthening, times are a’changing. In the wake of broad sweeping economic and political changes, from the collapse of Lehman brothers to the inaugration of a mixed race President, Stanford has been looking inward to adapt and outward to continue its commitment to public service both globally and locally, right here on campus.

These challenges in mind, we would like to join The Stanford Daily editorial board and various student coalitions on campus to unofficially endorse David Gobaud & Jay de la Torre for ASSU Executive, the only slate to feature both a graduate student and an undergraduate,
David Gobaud (Computer Science BS, MS ’10)
Jay de la Torre (Urban Studies BA ’10)

“In these difficult times, we are running to unite the student body behind shared priorities: promotion of student wellness, diversity in all its forms, preservation of front-line staff jobs, and sustainability. We are also committed to addressing grad-specific issues including dependent health insurance, affordable housing, and lobbying for efficient immigration.”

Make your voice heard!

Click here to vote in the ASSU 2009 elections. For more information about the elections, visit

The ballots close on Friday night, April 10th.


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