Intramural Sports Gets Overhaul; New Sports and Tourneys Added

Posted by at 8:44PM

Without much fanfare, the Athletics department has added new sports to the intramural lineup and moved registration online, thus fixing the dreaded who-wants-to-get-up-at-7-am-and-sign-our-team-up-for-IMs problem that previously existed.

The fall lineup now includes 4v4 Indoor Soccer and 4v4 Wallyball in addition to previous sports Flag Football and Ultimate Frisbee. I have no idea what ‘Wallyball’ is, but I certainly hope it has something to do with the lovable trash-compacting Pixar robot. Budget cuts: make trash-compacting and janitorial services into an IM sport, save the school money.
The department is also bringing back Innertube Water Polo, a former intramural sport, in the form of an Intramural Water Polo tournament. This is great news from both a fun-ness perspective and an anti-risk-management one, since the original IM Innertube Water Polo–one of the more popular IM sports of its time–was canceled because it seemed like too big of a liability.
There are also new Racquetball and Golf tournaments for people who prefer hitting things, and a Cardinal Adventure Challenge for people who love running around like a maniac before a severely limiting deadline.
Check it all out at the web site [], and major kudos to the Athletic department for listening to feedback and making great changes.



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