Stanford Giving Away Free Stuff All Over Campus

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Yeah, that’s right–apparently Stanford is in the midst of something called ‘Academic Campus Cleanup,’ which is a euphemism for ‘We’re giving away stuff for free.’

How this has been going on for 16 years without me knowing–I love free stuff–is probably a testament to either my oblivion or the school’s lack of publicizing this event.
If September 28 is Day 1, then today seems like Day 3, or the Bonair Siding/Janitorial Services/Fire Station etc. clean-up day. I’m actually in the market for a fire pole–used, like new–to speed up my descent from my room on the second floor to the ground so as to get to class more efficiently.
Check out the map on the site to see where the rest of the campus is throwing out perfectly good room decorations. I’ve heard that past cleanups have featured couches, chairs, and many more things that are appealing to a college student but not to an administrator.


One Response to “Stanford Giving Away Free Stuff All Over Campus”

  1. Andrew The Janitor says:

    Ha free stuff is always good stuff. I’m sure you have heard the saying “One mans junk is another mans treasure!”. Same could hold true for a big University clean out. My brother attends Stanford… I should tell him to grab me a new desk if there is one!


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