Student Essays in the New York Times

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For those who didn’t get a chance to see, earlier this summer two Stanford students’ essays were selected and published by the New York Times as part of their special college “The ‘U’ Issue.”
The first, by Fatima Hassan ’09, is called “Documenting Brutalities to Change the World” and is about her and her classmates’ efforts to deal with violence and abuse against women in Africa.
And the second, on a much lighter note, is Atticus Lee’s ’10 “A Year Among the Naked, the Pagan and the Vegan,” about Stanford’s co-op Synergy, which happens to be my current residence. Subsequently, I made the mistake of showing this article to my father, who decided that he needed to acquire multiple copies and bring them with him wherever he went to show people where his son was living at college.
And if you’re more into looking at pictures, a photo by Alex Greenburg ’09 is part of the ‘College Life’ slideshow.



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