An Even More Unfortunate Letter to Have Gone Missing

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Stanford likes to outdo itself: as such, if the previous blog post of a Stanford typo was decently unfortunate, a recent typo in a Daily column by Shelley Gao makes it seem downright innocuous.
From her article The GAO Report (Beltway Edition): More Pantsuits in the Halls of Power (why is GAO capitalized? It’s not an acronym):
We can look to other institutions for inspiration. For the most part of this week, I was in Cambridge visiting Harvard. The Kennedy School of Government’s “Women and Pubic Policy Program” (WAPPP) is an ideal model, as it fulfils the gap in the gender discourse at Stanford.
Yeah, I didn’t notice it the first time I read the paragraph either. But as it turns out, The Kennedy School’s program suddenly seems much more appealing to me. Grad school, anyone?
Thanks to commenter “bubba,” the only person to comment on the article, for pointing this out.


2 Responses to “An Even More Unfortunate Letter to Have Gone Missing”

  1. capitalization says:

    GAO is an acronym for the Government Accountability Office.
    She’s punning.

  2. Josh says:

    Yeah, I have since learned this. This knowledge, however, fails to convince me that it is a good pun.


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