Apparently, It’s Columbus Day

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Columbus Day: The national holiday only relevant when it results in a day off from school. In fact, the only reason I realized it was Columbus Day at all was some chalking done around highly-trafficked parts of campus denouncing Columbus and the eurocentrism/abuse towards natives that followed his “discovery.”

Click “continue reading” to check out the pictures of the chalking–some of which was hilarious and some of which was bitterly angry. In any event, we at TUSB support free speech in any of its forms, whether or not you think Columbus was a douchebag.


One Response to “Apparently, It’s Columbus Day”

  1. Charlie says:

    I hate those god damn Romans who came over to my native England and civilized my Saxon peoples! Those bastards brought technology and society which has allowed me to learn about the world, instead of leaving me alone to fight for survival and marry my cousin.
    I can totally relate!


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