Finally, a Grocery Store on Campus

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TressEx now has some competition. And it looks promising: there is finally a grocery store on campus that seemingly offers decent quality food at decent quality prices.

“The Market at Munger” is located in building 5 of the Munger Graduate Residences, the ludicrously large new pre-fab housing complex behind the Law School that looks like it got lost somewhere between Palm Beach and Orlando.

Finding the new store is not easy. For starters, all of the Munger houses look nearly identical and do not have names but numbers: there is Building 1, Building 2, and so on. And the buildings are not really labeled, so you don’t know which one is which unless you go in and ask.
The market is also fairly unmarked–there is a sign out by Campus Drive with an arrow pointing to the mass of Munger buildings and nothing more until you are in the actual store. But if you find the single door that is unlocked to the correct building, you might be pleasantly surprised by the market.
According to the man behind the counter–who was really helpful, had no problem with me snapping some photos, and gave me a complimentary reusable shopping bag–the market specializes in organic products and the pre-made sandwiches are really good. You can always trust a guy who gives you a free bag, but I wasn’t hungry enough to warrant purchasing a sandwich. The lengths I will go for journalism are, apparently, not very far.
Overall, the prices seemed pretty reasonable, and the selection was decent and did offer plenty of organic options. There is a gelato bar that looked extremely alluring, and a small cart of fresh fruit. In the corner, there was also a small number of useful household supplies.
The only negative was that the market is not open on weekends, which is probably when I’d be buying things. Oh, well–this is the law school, not the business school, so we can cut them some slack on their management techniques.
Check out the pictures for a glimpse of the place, and go ahead and check it out if you are willing to go near Munger.


3 Responses to “Finally, a Grocery Store on Campus”

  1. Steve says:

    Nice post.

  2. Greg says:

    good to know!

  3. Katie says:

    How is the store funded?


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