Live Blogging the Fall Intramural Quizbowl Tournament

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It is a widely known fact that at 3:30, there is a Stanford Football game; however, a lesser known event on campus is the Fall Intramural Quizbowl Tournament, an open competition to anyone on campus to spend the day hitting buzzers and answering trivia questions. To some–including me–quizbowl holds far more potential to be exciting than football; and if sports fanatics can live-blog any football game, so can I live blog any quizbowl match.
UPDATE 9, FINAL UPDATE: Due to the round robin taking forever, there were no playoffs. So we ended up in 3rd place (tied for 3rd, but with the highest point total of those teams by far). The team we lost to at the end won the overall, and the Ralphs took 2nd. This was fun–and maybe we won the football game. Who knows?

UPDATE 8: The round robin has finished, ending with two extremely close games that both came down to the last question. Against Roble, we were up by 35 points going into the last question; however, following a power and answering a bonus about Jay-Z correctly, we lost by 10 points. Or so we thought–it was soon determined that we had read one too many questions, resulting in a nullification of the last toss-up and giving us the win.
We then faced the top team, and were tied going into the last toss-up: individual top scorer Bill from the other team knew who patented the microwave–we, of course, only use them for heating up leftovers–resulting in a final record for our team of 6-3. Still waiting to see if and how the playoff will work.
UPDATE 7: Another loss against Narwhalnia. Their captain dominated the field, and though we were tied for a large portion of the game they managed to pull away pretty easily. We are still in the running, but we will need to beat one or two similarly-ranked teams soon.
UPDATES 5 and 6: We next went up against a team with a bunch of Ralphs on it, and it was neck and neck up until the final three questions before they pulled away and won by 2 questions. Following that, though, our team bounced back to beat the Roland Chang Experience (which has nobody named Roland Chang) to improve to 4-1. According to the standings, the Ralph-based team is the only team to be undefeated, leaving three teams–including us–tied for second place with one loss. There are 9 overall rounds, followed by a semifinal and final, meaning that teams must be in the top 4 to make it past the original round robin. Notable event of these past two rounds: my pop culture knowledge coming to light as I correctly answered “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas only given the clues that they use the words “mazel tov,” “l’chaim,” and “look at her dancing” in the song. I am not sure whether to be proud.
UPDATE 4: 3 rounds down, 6 to go in the round robin. After another strong start and resulting victory, we remain undefeated. This past round featured an egregious number of questions about Nazis, and the best answer involved bisexual flowers. Luckily, we are all tolerant of any question lifestyle.
Other comments about me live blogging include shouts of “Nice!” and “Sweet!” It’s good to have fan support.
UPDATE 3: After the first round took a far longer time than any other matches, our second round breezed by. We got off to a fast start against Sototally Awesome and maintained our lead all the way through to coast to a 445-160 victory. People are starting to think I’m crazy for trying to blog, and they might be right.
UPDATE 2: Faced Serendipiteam, and it went down to the wire. We were up by 15 points going into the final question: The first major motion picture based on a blog–at which point the other team buzzed in and guessed Dr. Horrible’s Sing a long Blog–and they negged. Answer: Julie and Julia. We win, 375-315.
UPDATE 1: We showed up late, and were still somewhat early–typical Stanford.



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