Real Worlding It Stanford Style

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First of all, Look. At this blog, I serves up that common sense, fresh, out the pot and to yo momma. And If I am making too much sense for you I suggest you check this out. So without further adieu. I’m goin in <---(lil wayne voice)-------- So you know what's the worst? Spencer Pratt.
I’m not allowed within 500 feet of Megan Fox. (appellate court ruling pending, fingers crossed)

It’s living in a dorm where all you know is your draw group. I hate walking past people and giving them the “If I look away, you can’t see me.” Or the empty, “heyyyy, person I see everyday but don’t actually know your name,” as you pass in the hallway. That’s why freshman year is the best, because like it or not, everybody knows everyone’s business, but everyone knows everyone. It’s like the Real World.
*TANGENT* Did anyone love this past season as much as I did? My favorite roomie was Emilee. I even follow her on twitter. But real talk, why is her name spelled all funky? Her momma must be stupid. creative! *END TANGENT*
I love dorms that are like families. That’s why I went straight back to Uj after spending a year in Toyon. That, and like the black guy on the real world always does….I snapped:
Subject: Enough is Enough Toyon!
Tide WITH BLEACH….if you took my shit give it back. i’m not playin. I’m
living in a room with sol next year. needless to say i’m not happy, i’m
black, and most of you are afraid of me anyway…just imagine how it’ll be
if i catch somebody using my tide WITH BLEACH. lets just say that yung joc
put it best when he said “If ya got a problem say it to my face, We can
knuckle up any time any place.” I know what you’re thinking…all this
over some Tide, some TIDE!! but this aint ya momma’s Tide, this shit is
the real deal. BLEACH and everything… i don’t appreciate my detergent
bein gone. now i got a load of laundry to do, and i wanna do it on the
first floor. i would love for my box to be in there.

As you can clearly see. I temporarily lost it. That wasn’t even the worst. As most of my friends can attest to, I actually went through a phase where I carried a baseball bat, a megaphone, and a can of Lysol around the dorm and to the eating clubs. So what’s the point of this story?? I dunno, go say hi to the person across the hall and see what they’re up to. You could make a new friend…possibly prevent a potential freakout?



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