Stanford Trying to Sell $1B in Assets

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While browsing HuffingtonPost this morning in an attempt to put off being productive, I saw a picture of the main quad; after doing a double take, I read the headline: Stanford U. Looking to Sell $1 Billion in Assets.
(logo from Stanford Management Company, the company responsible for much of the school’s assets )
Reuters reports that our school is looking to shed another billion dollars worth of stuff. The school is apparently “weighing offers” on any of its illiquid assets, meaning that it is considering getting rid of any of the parts of the endowment that are not cold, hard cash–including ‘private equity investments’ and ‘timberlands’ (not the shoe or the music producer, but, I believe, forests). Since I have limited knowledge of the school’s detailed financial processes and limited knowledge of general finance, I have no way of knowing whether or not this is a good move. Future or current investment bankers of Stanford–I am counting on you to weigh in here.
Regardless, this development proves that the campus clean up was the only fire sale happening on campus.



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