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Let me just say that I love twitter. I LOVE it, and I seriously don’t get why some people are not down with tweeting. First of all, twitter is da bomb. Yes da bomb, like that play in NFL Blitz that EVERYONE used to run. (Good times) So why does it seem like maybe four of my friends are on twitter? Look, I get it. It can seem weird, juvenile, or maybe even daunting. I saw it as a burden to be constantly funny. I mean that’s what I was thinking before I decided to jump in. Believe me, tweeting takes practice. You’ll probably start off with the “I’m going to eat an apple now.” or “taking a sip of some vita water.” It’s cool. I’ll let it slide. You’re a noobie. But after a while, you get the hang of it, and start to appreciate all it has to offer.

Things I’ve learned from Twitter: via Trending Topics
1. #lilmamais creating buzz for her new show w/ kanye called “so you think you can make things awkward”
2. if #SouljaBoyIsGod then I wanna go straight to hell!
3. there are certain #textthatgetnoreply like “ay girl. Remember when I said I aint got no herpes? Psyche, I does got some herpes!”

Also, you can follow your favorite celebs and watch them embarrass themselves in 140 charcters or less. Miley unfortunately cancelled her feed, but before she did she tweeted about how she took a smelly dump. (Yeah, it got real) really real But my favorite celeb tweet goes to tyra for this little number. “Ya’ll ever notice how your pee smells funny after you eat asparagus?! I still love eatin it though!”

so much wrong with this.
1. if you can smell your pee, i urge you to see a physician immediately
2. if you’re down on your knees so that you can smell your pee. you have a mental problem
3. if you can actually detect a difference in the smell of your urine that means you’ve been smelling your regular urine. THAT is a problem. as far as I’m concerned, it’s a slippery slope on the road to becoming this guy

Ok! dude is not even making a thizz face. He’s sipping his own brew like it’s a fine wine. Swishing it around in his mouth like “just a hint of yesterday’s lasagna.” but moving on…
Long story short. Twitter is Fun. Twitter is Funny. Twitter is about whatever you’re feelin, thinkin about, or just wanna share with the world. Plus it’s good to get things off your chest so you don’t snap. It’s like facebook without the endless assault of apps and adds. Join! I will follow you. look for me @2on2out!


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  1. celulares says:

    Twitter is my favorite web aplication.


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