Trick’n and Treat’n (Halloween Special)

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Like T.I. once said, “it ain’t trick’n if you got.” Well I got it. So I’mma give it to ya’ll straight. No chaser. Fuck Taylor Swift! But we’ll get back to her a little bit later on.

Trick’n: You know for all the Halloween parties yesterday, I did not see one Lady GaGa. This upsets me. Lots of where the wild things are *SMH* snore….. Anyway, I love my girl to death, and I’ll be real, if she has a penis I’m fucked. Because I have been on her jock for a little over a year now. If I see a girl wearing this contraption at the Mausoleum Party tonight I’m going to wife her up!

Treat’n: Lil Wayne’s Mixtape officially came out yesterday. And I gotta say. It’s fire. Lil wayne is a master of wordplay, and honestly one of the most intelligent people around. At the grammy’s he performed a song dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but that often gets overlooked. You should check out his interview with Katie Couric last year. If wayne weren’t seen by the mainstream media as a “thug” and often dismissed as just another black gangster rapper, he would be bigger than Kanye. trust. But back to this mixtape titled “No Ceilings.” (which btw, I only knew about it because it was trending on twitter) Weezy attacks beats from hit records of the past year ( Run This Town, Ice Cream Paint Job, D.O.A, and Break Up to name a few) and illustrates what makes him so special as an MC. Seriously, listen to track one, then listen to it again, and you’ll see that you missed half of the references he makes on the track. It’s def, a treat for you to check on this Holiday. Here’s a Weezy sample. (It’s a beat i’m pretty sure you’re familiar with, enjoy)

Goblin: Taylor Swift. 1st of all, Kanye was right. Yeah, let that wash over your mind grapes. Now, who actually gives a fuck about Taylor Swift? Like seriously gives a fuck. Put you’re hands up, I’m counting. Ok, now listen closely. You’re a loser. As a matter of fact, anyone over the age of 13 who listens to taylor swift is a loser. (although that one song w/ the t-shirt and short shorts is catchy) Don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to hate. I’m here to help.
Goon: Media. Single ladies is an ICONIC video. Everyone has seen that video. There have been a ton of imitations on youtube and numerous spoofs on a plethora of comedy shows. There’s of course the one move where you stick your arms in front and have them go back…you know what I mean. Anyway, there’s no way in H*LL that Taylor swift’s video has elicited that kind of reaction from the populous.

Next Up- How can Single Ladies will for Best Overall Video, but not Best Female video. For real? This ain’t a Caster Semenya issue. Beyonce is ALL woman!! So, can a baseball team be ousted in the first round of the playoffs and win the world series? No. It’s beyond reason.
Finally, let’s be real
IT’S A FUCKIN MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARD. LET ME SAY THAT IN A KANYE-ESQUE ALL CAPS RANT! MTV. VIDEO. MUSIC. AWARD. Not an emmy, not a grammy, not an oscar the trophy is a fuckin MOONMAN.
Happy Halloween Ya’ll! I hope there are plenty of gaga’s to be seen tonight. “Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick.”



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