TUSB’s Unofficial Halloween Contest

Posted by at 5:25PM

After spending a solid hour duct taping cardboard boxes together to create part of my costume (as I seem to do every year) I certainly respect the hard work that goes into making a Halloween costume. As such, we at TUSB want to salute the ingenuity, originality, and creativity of this year’s Halloween festivities with 2009’s Halloween Costume contest.
Keep an eye out for awesome costumes, judged by whatever standards you deem appropriate, and email them to blogforstanford at gmail.com. Take a picture if you can, and you might see your suggestion and/or snapshot appear tomorrow in our follow-up post saluting the best and brightest of Stanford who pour their hearts into something that will meet its demise mere hours later at the hands/bodies/fake weapons of revelers enjoying the Halloween parties.



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