Blogging Guidelines and Suggestions

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The staff of TUSB has been working to develop a series of guidelines and suggestions about blogging on TUSB. After some deliberation, we have decided the following:
The major rules of blogging on TUSB are outlined in the blogging agreement.
Additionally, some tips and reminders about blogging on TUSB (list created November 2009):

1: Utilize the power of the blog—the blog has many features, so blog content might be best served by either using pictures, unlimited space, video, informal style, opinion, or discussing topics that are not covered sufficiently in other media.
2: Think about you write before you write it. This will save you from doing something regrettable.
3: No anonymous posting—if you write a blog post, you should be willing to put at least your first name next to it and stand up for its content. Anonymous commenting, however, is ok. If necessary, the staff of TUSB reserves the right to remove any material that violates the rules of the blog (subject to unanimous agreement of all blog supervisors that the post should be removed).
4: If you have an opinion or problem with a blog post, we recommend using the comments section to voice your ideas and open the possibility of dialogue on the issue as opposed to asking for its removal.
5: If you make a major edit to a post after it has been published, please note this change somewhere in the post.
6: If you spam the blog, you will be banned from the site. This applies to comments as well as blog posts.



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