Free Dumpster Water: Source Discovered!

Posted by at 11:30AM

According to a representative from Student Housing:
“The emergency water and food ration bars in the dumpster are Student Housing emergency supplies that have in fact expired. I did consult with Julie Muir our fantastic Recycling Program Manager at Peninsula Sanitary Service, and the University’s Surplus Property program to see if there was some way we could donate the supplies. However, we determined that because they are expired we could not risk human consumption, and the person-power it would take to open the individual containers to use the water for other purposes made that infeasible. Thus I made the difficult decision to dispose of the items. I will make every effort to do better with future emergency supplies by recommending we find ways to use stored supplies before their expiration date.”
In summary:
1) The water is probably fine to drink (as previously determined)
2) Other food you find in the dumpster is a little more eat-at-your-own-risk
Props to housing for reaching out to PSSI (that’s the recycling center on campus) to try to dispose of this stuff responsibly. And props to the universe for not cursing us with a disaster. But as pointed out above, it would be awful nice if all this stuff didn’t have to go to waste. I guess that’s up to the dumpster divers to solve.



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