Free water in the dumpster between Bob and Theta Delt

Posted by at 12:14AM

According to an anonymous source, word on the street is that at this very moment “there’s an entire enormous dumpster full of packaged water that was thrown out earlier this week between bob and theta Delt…The water seems to be past it’s expiration date (whatever that means for water)…At the very least it may be worth salvaging some”
My gut environmentalist’s first question is of course, “WHY WOULD YOU EVER BUY BOTTLED WATER??”
My second, more reasonable question is, “Wait, water can expire?”
Obviously to attempt to solve the mystery of this supposed ‘expiration’ I jump to my BFF, The answer to my query? As follows:
“The FDA states that bottled water that has been bottled and stored properly does not expire.”
“FDA states that it has no limit on shelf life if stored properly. Some laws and retailers require and insist on an exp. date.”
Aha! It does not expire! And so my bottled-water drinking friends, I bestow upon you this knowledge of free packaged water in the dumpster between Bob and Theta Delt. Drink up.



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