Halloween Aftermath and Photo Gallery

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Halloween ’09 has come and gone–like an apparition, perhaps–only to leave us with some highlights of the event.
A jack-o-lantern in front of Synergy.
There were a bunch of good costumes, but overall I was a little disappointed in the lack of astoundingly creative get-ups that I had expected. Where is that Stanford ingenuity applied to something as trivial as a night of partying? In any case, those who did dress up in a noteworthy way deserve some sort of recognition, even it it warrants no material prize in return. Sorry!

Exhibit A: The Pez dispenser. Mostly awarded on the basis of making the Pez face. The Pez face is derived from the “thizz” face, but much tastier.
Exhibit B: Vegetables. What made this costume was the hilariously awesome carrot hat, and the group setup (there was also a radish and a number of other garden vegetables) only adds to the allure.
Exhibit C: Pixar. I have a soft spot for Pixar and I am giving away meaningless awards, so I feel no guilt in recognizing the Pixar costumes I saw. In addition to the Up character(s), there was also someone dressed as the house from Up, which was really the star of the movie.
Exhibit D: Social networking. Stanford–giving people the ability to communicate impersonally since 1891.
Photo by Kevin
Exhibit P: Party decorations. I have to give special kudos to my house, Synergy, solely because I can. Check out two more of the pumpkins that adorned the house for Halloween.
Too much to drink.
Mr. Potatohead
Happy Halloween from TUSB!


2 Responses to “Halloween Aftermath and Photo Gallery”

  1. tradeshow display says:

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like you had a good time. I am a shut in due to my scholastic workload so It was fun to see what I missed.

  2. bolsas femininas says:

    wow, i really liked the twitter costume..


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