Harbaugh had it all

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If I were him. I would have walked right out after that USC win. It couldn’t get any better. (well maybe not getting clowned by Cal in our stadium, but that’s nit picking) The man is unbeaten at the Coliseum! Think about that. They’re like 47-2 the past 8ish years. He went in there and dropped a Jordan-esque Double Nickel on Pete Carroll and walked away like it was nothing. I’m glad he’s apparently sticking around, although, I really don’t see why. There are plenty of jobs opening up in the NFL soon. Why not get out while people think you’re the savior? OR maybe he saw the man across the field, and all the success he’s had. And then thought, “wait a minute, Pete coached the Panthers way back in the day and they sucked. Maybe I should just keep my ass here at Stanford and try to bring tha ruckus to USC again next year.”
FACT: Lady GaGa‘s album The Fame Monster dropped today
FACT: I camped out to cop said Album at midnight.
FICTION: There were other black people there so it wasn’t weird or anything

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