How can you help Toby?

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It’s no secret that Toby Gerhart’s Heisman candidacy is a dark horse one, no matter how strong his credentials may be. He isn’t as universally adored as others, and when superficial and sentimental criteria like “lifetime achievement” get thrown into the mix instead of, you know, consistent and stellar performance over the course of a season, there is ground that has to be made up. Simply put, not enough people–including, unfortunately, Heisman voters–know enough about Gerhart to make an informed vote. So before they go pulling a lever for a lesser candidate, do your part to make sure that Gerhart is one the forefront of everyone’s minds.

1) If you’re on Twitter, use the #tobyforheisman tag on each one of your posts.
2) Write letters to Heisman voters. Here’s a full list, with e-mail addresses. It also has sample letters and fun facts to add in, like the fact that he’s taking 21 units. Raise your hand if you’ve done the same. Anyone? Thought so.
3) In particular, write to this Heisman voter, who is requesting fan input into his decision.
4) Vote for him for national Player of the Week. The winner will be announced on a national broadcast. Here’s how.
5) Send this video to everyone you know. There are few clips that embody everything Gerhart brings to the table–power, speed, and unmatched determination.


One Response to “How can you help Toby?”

  1. Edward says:

    Toby didn’t need much help. I felt he should have won the heisman because he carried his team more than Mark Ingrim did. Ingrim is a talented runner and a very good person from what I saw bit Gerhart was the best runner at the heisman awards. I think Toby will be a low 1st rounder by the Chicago Bears. I hope he will be an all pro half back or fullback.


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