The Other Upset this Weekend…

Posted by at 4:43PM


When the No. 14 football team lost to Cal on Saturday, you could hear the campus crumple.
But this Monday, when the #1 ranked men’s cross country team fell apart at the national championships, I think I was the only one who noticed. I ran cross country in high school, and I’ve been a little in awe of these guys since I got here.

Just like the football team, they were having a good year for the first time in student body memory (they won the national title in 2003). Just like Toby, they had a charismatic star, in sophomore Chris Derrick. Just like the football team, they had…well, my support.
But it fell apart, somehow, at nationals. Somehow, #3 Oregon – which Stanford absolutely demolished at regionals – put in four guys before our second. Maybe they went out too fast, maybe they didn’t really believe they could do it…maybe it was windy. Not much to do about it – but maybe, when you’re grousing with a friend about that last minute pick at Big Game, take thirty seconds and think about the Stanford cross country guys. Who, by the way, are returning all their starters for next season…



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