The Special Dinner: Best Stanford Tradition Left?

Posted by at 3:36PM

In an era of increased oversight and meddling by the University, many of our dearest traditions have been diluted, spayed, and neutered. Exotic Erotic, Mausoleum Party, and Full Moon on the Quad have all suffered from losing the spirit of spontaneity and reckless abandon that is essential to any notably debaucherous event.
Fortunately, we still have the special dinner, an exploration and a celebration of what becomes possible when enough people pool their resources together and act irresponsibly. A perpetual favorite among the upperclassmen who inhabit Stanford’s Row Houses, special dinner truly is special. Even the most timid residents emerge from their rooms in theme-appropriate costumes to eat well and drink well; everyone becomes part of the living monument to excess. The best part? Special dinner is exclusively student-run, and it’s only this awesome because no figures of authority deprive us of our agency. So experience and treasure this most special of Stanford traditions, even if you don’t quite recall it the following morning.



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