TUSGraph: Thanksgiving

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Whenever people found out I wasn’t going home for break, I could tell they were mentally going through all the possibilities: international student, hates family, athlete, etc. None of those are true of me, and because I don’t really have a good reason not to go home, I find myself wondering why I’ve done it for the last two years.
This week’s graph is about my mentality during the break.
Right now I’m at A – boredom. I’m probably on my fourth movie of the break already.
Soon I’ll hit B – first work done. Whoa – working feels better than procrastinating!
The most painful point is at C – thanksgiving. My family enjoys butternut squash puree (my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner), Brussels sprouts, stuffing, turkey, gravy, apple cider, and pumpkin pie. Meanwhile, I’m at Stern pretending I’m interested in what some weird grad students are thankful for.
Finally, my choice to stay is verified at D – others’ stories. The other students return from break, with stories of horrific family gatherings. “Uncle Tom got tipsy and hit on my cousin,” “I was forced to change my nephew’s diaper,” “My siblings made fun of me for eating too much,” “My parents reinstated my high school curfew at 10:00,” or “My high school friends somehow became LESS mature since college started.”
Enjoy the break everyone, and be thankful whether you went home or not. If you did, though, watch out for Uncle Tom.



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