Unfulfillment and SMIF

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Two emails have been making the circuits lately, and both highlight interesting aspects of the Stanford community/experience.
The first is an invitation to an event with that intends to address the 1 in 4 depression rate at Stanford by “just good old venting and problem-solving” by those feeling the effects of an inexplicable drear just below the surface of each day. Thursday, November 12 at 9:00 pm in Old Union 216C. (See below for the complete email and my brief opinion).
The second is certainly more frivolous. It’s a blog in the vein of FML where the catch phrase has been altered to: SMIF (Saving Money Is Fun!). The blog is the project of the ASES frosh intern team (whatever that is) and was designed to compete in the Global Innovation Tournament, which asks its entrants to find innovative ways to making saving money fun. SMIF Blog
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The email:
“Why don’t I feel fulfilled?
Why don’t I feel motivated?
I’m at Stanford! Why don’t I feel happier?
I’ve been a part of a pretty big, increasing trend of people feeling like not everything’s hunkey-dorey in their Stanford world. In general, we don’t watch TV, we do volunteer activities, we get outside, and we exercise, but we’ve still got a 1-in-4 depression rate. What gives? Is it just midterms, cold weather, or picking the wrong major? Are we not challenged in the right way? Are we not contributing to the world?
Come cuss and discuss this Thursday, at 9:00 pm, in Room 216C of Old Union. I don’t have the answers, and want to find them. Through a casual dialogue with each other, let’s help each other and come up with our own.
No panels. No speakers. Not on behalf of any organization. Just good old venting and problem-solving.
If there’s enough interest, I’ll bring snacks.
Send any questions or comments to sophomore Robin Thomas at robthom@stanford.edu.
P.S. If you think you’re too busy to make the meeting, that might be a reason why you’re feeling like this in the first place.
We’ve all had times here where we’ve gone through bouts of self-doubt, unfulfillment, and plain feeling lost, and I think it’s great that a handful of students are taking initiative to figure out their own solution to the problem. It seems that merely in being proactive, they are confronting the problem. But I wonder if the problem can be solved so simply. These feelings are incredibly debilitating, I’ve felt them often. Is this something inherent to being in the world of Stanford? Is it something anyone in their late teens early twenties faces? Can it be fixed? I wish the cussin’ discussion all the luck in the world, as it is so refreshing to see something very important like this arise organically to address a long-overlooked problem.
As for SMIF, this one’s a no-brainer. Aside from the fact that “smif” is just fun to say (and reminds me, for whatever reason, of scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers), the blog is racking up some pretty funny posts, such as: “Today, I didn’t wipe. SMIF”. Kudos to the people behind this, perhaps it is the start of something deeply culturally educational on the risks of a luxurious lifestyle…?


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  1. Kevin Xu says:

    Hey there, thanks for blogging about SMIF! We’re all cash-strapped college students here so we thought there should be a creative way to save money without it being laborious and SMIF was born! :) I wonder if there are any stories of people actually doing these.


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