Avatar and a Stanford Tank Top

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As you hit the local IMAX to see James Cameron’s Avatar this winter break, be on the look out for Sigourney Weaver ’72 and her avatar, sporting a red hot “Stanford” tank top under the Pandora sun (almost visible on the left).

Stanford represent in 2154!
Elsewhere on the web, Sigourney confirms that,

That’s true. I did live in a tree house dressed like an elf. You have to understand: Stanford in the early seventies was a very freewheeling place. Everyone was doing something different. I had friends in geodesic domes and trailers. Maybe we were the only people living in a tree house. But, you know, you get sick of dorm life after a while. I was living in the dorm with a group of girls who were incredibly conservative. I just had to get out. So I jumped out my window and never went back.

Sigourney was part of the “freewheeling” pre-cursor to the co-op world / sphere we have now at Stanford, with the creation of Columbae House around 1970, followed soon by Synergy House (see also Atticus Lee’s op-ed in the New York Times about her experience in Synergy or the Paly Voice on Columbae) and the other co-ops of EBF (Enchanted Broccoli Forest), Kairos, Terra, Hammarskjold, and Chi Theta Chi.
Tree huggers and techies unite, I see you =) — forty years of Columbae are almost upon us in 2010 and who knows, perhaps we’ll see Sigourney ’72 around this old Farm in 2012. Time to get decked in Stanford red & Avatar blue!


3 Responses to “Avatar and a Stanford Tank Top”

  1. Don says:

    Knocked my socks off when I saw the ‘Stanford’ tank top…mega props to Sigourney Weaver; mega props.

  2. David says:

    I think that’s awesome how Sigourney wore the Stanford sweatshirt in avatar the movie!

  3. joeff says:

    I hope the University’s legal eagles are looking into claiming a little residual for use of the logo–it could go a long way toward replenishing the endowment.


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