TUSB’s Winter Course Guide: the Cool, the Popular, and the Ridiculous Classes of Winter ’10

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Condi Rice grading papers?

Finals week is approaching, and that means one thing (besides, you know, an absurdly large numbers of tests and papers in a very short time): that Winter quarter is right around the quarter. We at The Unofficial Stanford Blog perused the bulletin, asked around, and compiled ideas to create a course preview for the upcoming quarter. From classes that change lives to ones that just sound hilarious, this is the Winter Course Guide.
Thinking: Less is More
–MUSIC 156: Stanford Improvisational Collective
Testimonial: “Everyone sits around on Friday afternoons and makes noises by banging on guitars with mallets, yelling at each other, or playing cellos made from football helmets. It’s a great class to explore “contemporary” music and what real musicians call “extended technique.””
–DRAMA 103: Beginning Improvising
NB: Teacher Dan Klein won teacher of the year last year for his work with this class.
NB2: This class is very popular and is often (read: always) overfilled. To stay in the class, you need to show up for the first few classes and fill out a short application.

101 Classes Tackle The Big Questions
–COMPLIT 101: What is Literature?
–RELIGST 101: Who is Allah?

Probably The Worst English Class to Meet Girls*
–ENGLISH 176: Science Fiction: Techno Dreams and Nightmares
*Well, you never know at Stanford.
New Frontiers for Stanford Students
–HUMBIO 183: Astrobiology and Space Exploration
–HIST210G: Sexual Encounters: The Middle East and Europe
Also known as “Summer Backpacking Trip ’08”
Giving Old Classics New Life
–ENGLISH 293: Literary Translation
–DRAMA 121S: Acting Shakespeare
NB: This is the only quarter teacher Jeffrey Bihr will be at Stanford this year.
The Class That Has to Appear on Any List of Cool Stanford Classes
–PSYC135: Sleep and Dreams
NB: You might get bonus points for sleeping in class.
Classes Taught By Condi Rice
–POLISCI 214R: Challenges and Dilemmas in American Foreign Policy
NB: You might get waterboarded for sleeping in class.
Things that Sound Useful
–URBANSTUD 132: Concepts and Analytic Skills for the Social Sector
–CEE 109: Green Buildings and Behavior
NB: Apps due 12/11
NB: Qualifies you to be a Sustainability Coordinator

–HIST 256: U.S.-China Relations: From the Opium War to Tiananmen
Testimonial: “This class changed my life.”
Classes That Should be Taught by Condi Rice
–LAWGEN 209Q: Community Police Academy
Testimonial: “The most badass class at Stanford…You get to learn about everything cops do, you get to tour the Palo Alto 911 center, the San Jose Jail, and other cool places… you get to play with the $80,000 combat simulator videogame thing… and you get to practice PURSUIT DRIVING in a REAL COP CAR with LIGHTS AND SIRENS AND SHIT! They seriously take you out to an airstrip, set up cones, and let you aggressively drive a police cruiser to pursue another car. AND they even give you dinner every week.”
If you have any more classes you recommend, comment below!


7 Responses to “TUSB’s Winter Course Guide: the Cool, the Popular, and the Ridiculous Classes of Winter ’10”

  1. Sean says:

    awesome list guys. thanks!

  2. Daniel says:

    Don’t forget Music 1A: Music, Mind, and Behavior. It covers the big questions about music, like why every single culture has music embedded in their daily lives.

  3. Rachel Cristy says:

    I’d like to add a recommendation — PHIL 81: Philosophy & Literature. Falls under the “courses that change lives” category: I started out a linguistics major, and now I’m heading toward grad school in philosophy. The class is also designed to help you change (fashion) your life in an informed, deliberate way.
    P.S. Love the Condi Rice comments.

  4. Dominique says:

    Two Dance Classes that are AMAZING:
    Liquid Flow and Afro Styles, both taught by Aleta Hayes. Learn to be graceful, sexy, and always already dancing. Liquid Flow will change the way you think about dancing, and Afro Styles is the best dance party you could ever have twice a week.

  5. Julie says:

    great list- thanks for using my input!
    another idea is sts 112: an archaeology of design. i’m thinking of taking it next quarter, and it’s supposed to be insanely cool.

  6. rap says:

    awesome list.. hah pursuit driving.

  7. Jitendra Rawal says:

    I am regular visitor and reader of your Site. Sometimes I fill lucky but sometimes Like unhappy. But I dont forget to read your every new post or page. Thanks. Enjoying your site. Good Work.


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