An Unexpected Blessing

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On the outside, Crothers Hall looks like your standard dorm. Even walking down its halls, you might not notice anything out of the ordinary. But within each of its rooms lies a hidden gem: The Chair.
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I first became acquainted with The Chair when I moved into Crothers earlier this month. My first reaction was that this was a left-behind remnant of the girl whose room I was now inhabiting; how else would a deluxe, soft-cushioned, excellent back-supporting, swivel chair have made its way in amongst the other standard-issue dorm furniture? Yet as I explored the dorm I was to call home, I realized that this was no accident, no forgetful lapse on the part of my room’s former inhabitant. Oh no. Crothers was a paradise of chairs. There they were: room after room, stretching down until they disappeared around the bend of the hallway, filled with beautiful, luxe chairs, identical to The Chair that is in my own room.
It seems Stanford housing has finally gotten its priorities right. I might not need the automatic flush toilets they’ve installed or the new card-swiping system to enter the dorm (or as I like to think of it, a newer, easier way for me to lock myself out), but now that my gentle posterior has been introduced to The Chair, I cannot fathom how I survived without it for so long. My quality of life has improved ten-fold as a direct result of The Chair: I focus better when studying, my back muscles feel strong and relaxed, and I use demonstrations of The Chair’s dual stool and rocking chair capabilities as an icebreaker during awkward visits to my room. So I send my thanks to you, Stanford Housing, for bestowing the blessing of The Chair on me and my fellow Crothers’ residents. And for those of you who do not currently have the great fortune of living with The Chair, I can only say that even now, as I swivel away gleefully, the thought of your suffering casts a small shadow on my joy and I can feel my heart going out to you (actually, I might just be getting nauseous from all the spinning). Stay strong, for one day you too might know the happiness that is The Chair.

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2 Responses to “An Unexpected Blessing”

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow. It’s hard to believe I survived with the old metal Wilbur chairs in the 80’s.
    No wonder the cost of a college education is so much higher now…

  2. Mitul says:

    Did you know the chair comes apart into a little rocking chair and a mini-table (there’s a little lever on the back that you pull and it comes apart)? Makes the chair that much more awesome.


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